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New Moon in Aries

Receive Ritual

Fire/Air Element

new moon in aries photo

We are welcoming the New Moon in Aries (fire element) in the early morning of Monday, April 8.

The New Moon is associated with receiving what you envision and desire for the upcoming month. This specific moon is also a supermoon, and is the beginning of the new astrological year! This super charged energy will catapult your desires and manifestations into reality. Now, is the time to begin thinking about what your year ahead may look like! Get specific, and no desire is out of reach. If you are envisioning it, it is already yours!

Receive rituals are typically associated with water and earth elements, as it associates with the energies of forward moving and "spring" action. However, with this specific new moon we will be using the fire energy of Aries.

Here's what you need:


(Need a candle? Purchase one here. On sale for a limited time.)

Paper + Pen


Find a scared space in your home to be one with yourself.

"I, personally, created a small space near a sunrising window. I decorate a small table with my sacred crystals, candles, and smoke medicine."

sacred ritual space with crystals, candle, and juniper

Write on a small piece of paper, all of your desires for the upcoming year. YES, all 12-months!

Sprinkle cinnamon over your candle.

"Cinnamon is an herb to cultivate fast action for your desires."

Light your candle while weaving + envisioning your desires for the upcoming year.

Dive Deeper + Practice your Clair Cognition by Asking your Higher Self or Guides:

What do I need to embody to harness these desires into reality?

Is there anything else I need to do inner work on to cultivate this embodiment?

What more do I need to release control of to receive these opportunities?

As you seek clarity + answers, write these down in your journal.

FEEL into this embodiment.

HONOR your highest self + guides.

RELEASE all limiting beliefs.

quote from Shelby Marie

"For myself, I am a recovering people pleaser. I feared what others thought of me. So, I played small and diminished my light so I would not have to endure others' opinions and judgements. However, by doing this, I was extremely unhappy. I became the "safe hamster wheel" version of a human. I was fed up! I desired more for my life. It was not until I did the deep dive of inner and shadow work to love myself wholeheartedly for whom I truly was at my core, and practiced being seen for this. This was when I finally accessed a deep fulfillment + joy, and stepped into embodying all the desires I saw for myself!"

Local to Vegas? Join our Women's only Gathering on Sunday, 4/7. Co-Led by Shelby Marie + Sochy.

Divine Love,

Founder, Embodiment Mentor, + Sensation Alchemist

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