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Akouo Community Spirituality Sustainability Logo


Akouo's 3 missions are grounded in:

  • Community

    • Through building deeper connections with ourselves, we create deeper connections with each other through vulnerability.

  • Spirituality

    • Growing your intuitive power + strengthening your connection with the land/spirit team/universe.

  • Sustainability

    • Consciously being mindful of our waste + how we can do our part to kindly treat our Earth.

Akouo exists to support others in strengthening their intuition, trusting themselves, and growing confidence in their value. It fulfills pieces of you that feel uncertain or empty.



Founder, Shelby Marie Broaddus, received the calling to build Akouo freshly post-birthing her first son in 2019. Shelby experienced emotions of feeling lost, touched out, and over stimulated. The daily ritual of bathing with botanicals and lighting a candle were the only habits that returned her focus back to herself.

Akouo was rebranded from Botanic Sol in January 2023; after birthing her second son and experiencing high-functioning depression. Shelby felt conflicted by outside judgement which led to self uncertainty, and through this she found her voice, connection (to self, ancestors, spirit team), and self compassion. Through her experiences, she inspires each person that there is power in their light, voice, + intuition.

The future of Akouo consists of continuing to grow our community through deeper connection with the Wellness Monthly Membership (guided meditation, somatic dance, yoga, sound resonance), Candle Bar events, and Yoga Somatic Embodiment Dance workshops.

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