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Full Moon in Virgo

Release Ritual

Fire/Air Element

We are welcoming the Full Moon in Virgo (earth element) on Saturday, February 24 and as we enter into Pisces season (water element).

The Full Moon is associated with releasing what no longer serves you, to welcome in the new. Releasing rituals are associated with fire/air elements, as they help to shine a light on shadows or desires you have been suppressing due to others' opinions, society, traditions you were brought up with, etc. Let us burn those and release them back into the Universe.

Here's what you need:


(Don't have a candle? Purchase one here.)

Paper + Pen

Fire Safe Dish

Find a serene and safe environment to sit, and be one with yourself.

Light your candle, ground your body + energies with a fulfilling breath.

Begin to think of the old stories that are reflecting back to you.

What did those experiences show you?

How would you move + feel differently if it occurred again?

As you seek clarity, write down 1-3 old stories you would like to set fire to + release.

Fold up your paper.

Light it on fire with your candle light.

Once it is on fire about half-way, place your paper in your fire safe dish (I use extra Akouo vessels) to continue to burn.

Now, begin to reflect on the desires that you may have been suppressing.

Visually, meditate on the candle light as you process these questions:

What in the past has stopped you from achieving this desire?

If you silenced the outside opinions, what would you do to accomplish this desire?

How would it FEEL if you exuded the courage + bravery to accomplish this desire?

To conclude and energetically show the Universe you have released all you needed to, blow out your candle and feel gratitude within self for everything you have experienced to get you to whom you are today.

"No one has the same assignment. Your uniqueness +

story is what the world needs." - Shelby Marie

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